We express ourselves through the clothing and accessories we buy.

Like our sense of style, the colours we enjoy, and the way we like feel.

But when we grow, we outgrow some pieces. Perhaps they're too small, damaged, or stained.

Regardless, they went from something to nothing. They've been deemed as useless.

Did you know garments now account for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions?

And out 'take-make-waste' mentality has meant that we now buy 60% more clothing than 15 years ago. Within ONE year of an item produced, 60% ends up being burned or in landfills.*

Badges are not only a great way to express yourself, but they can help make something old feel new again, reducing the need to always buy new.

Badge first began in 2017 in Canada as an independent pin and patch store. The goal was always to add more expression in a time where basic wear was on the rise. In 2020, Badge transformed into a one-stop-shop for many other pin and patch vendors, because together we can make the world a more expressive and less wasteful place.